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Failte and welcome! We are now experimenting with eGroups for group communications since it posts to both e-mail and the web.

Currently we have two discussions. Brehon Law Project is organizational, and limited to Members. Brehon Aid is a public forum.

Brehon Aid Discussion

   Brehon Aid Discussion  

We use this discussion to record common questions and answers that crop up in the course of studying and applying Brehon Law. Appropriate topics include comparative law, cyberlaw, Irish Law Reform, women's rights, criminal law, enforcement, and anything else you can think of. We also use this discussion to record suggestions about how best to proceed with Brehon Aid. Anyone is welcome to submit suggestions.

   Brehon Law Project  

Brehon Law Project. Members area, for people who would like to be involved at an organizational level. Anyone who wants to post articles or share research are encouraged to join this area.

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